Greek Island Summer School

Goddess Astrology

Summer School provisional new dates: Sept 23rd-Oct 7th 2020

Summer School provisional new dates: Sept 23rd-Oct 7th 2020




Goddess Astrology uses female archetypes to describe the planets and signs of the zodiac.
We will be learning about how the Greek goddesses embody all aspects of our experience, and how to express the positive attributes they represent, while creatively dealing with challenges they can bring.
The focus will be on the Greek pantheon although some other traditions will be covered briefly.
The week will be a mixture of exercises, talking and learning with some guided imagery taking a deep look at the goddess symbolism of the Planets and Signs and Houses.
The focus will be on your own chart, although participants may bring one other horoscope to look at in the group. Example charts illustrating the material will be discussed.
Elisabeth Brooke is currently writing Goddess Astrology for Aeon Books, due to be published in 2021.
email me for details:

Summer School provisional new dates: Sept 23rd-Oct 7th 2020

Summer School provisional new dates: Sept 23rd-Oct 7th 2020

Summer School provisional new dates: Sept 23rd-Oct 7th 2020


The Greek Island Summer School 2020

All astrology courses involve working extensively on your own horoscope.

Location - Nidri, on the island of Lefkada.                           

Destination airport - Preveza (PVK). Wednesday flights in and out. There are no ferries involved as the island of Lefkada is linked by a causeway to the mainland. Transfer time from the airport to Nidri is just 45 minutes, arranged for you in private taxis.

Accommodation - A Beach hotel, in an idyllic setting, right on the beach and just a few minutes walk away from the main harbour and high street where you'll find all the tavernas, bars and shops. You will have your own room, ensuite and private balcony.

Astrology, Herbs & Health. Astrology, Karma & Destiny

Summer School provisional new dates: Sept 23rd-Oct 7th 2020

Astrology, Herbs & Health. Astrology, Karma & Destiny


This year there will two week long courses, which can be taken separately or both together.

Sept 30th-Oct 7th

 Astrology, Herbs and Health.  Your birth chart shows how you can attain optimal health by working out  your innate constitution or temperament with reference to the four  elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water and the four Temperaments,  Choleric, Phlegmatic,  Sanguine and Melancholic. In Traditional Herbalism healing herbs are  ruled by the seven planets, you will learn which herbs best suit your  Temperament and their individual medicinal virtues. A day trip to look  at some of the beautiful herbs growing around  Nidri will be arranged as part of the course. 

Sept 23rd-30th

 Astrology, Karma and destiny. Your birthcart shows your Soul's journey,  how you chose to come in to this life. The Sun, Moon and planets  illustrate how different aspects of your destiny work out in your  everyday life. Working with your own  chart, and those of famous people, you can begin to understand how to  maximise the gifts of your horoscope and how to the issues and  challenges of your personal astrology appear both in your life and those  of loved ones. This offers you the opportunity to  discover creative ways to surmount challenges. Knowledge is power,  understanding your deepest motivation allows us to live the best life  possible. 

WHEN:  Being optimistic Fire signs, we are hoping to run classes in the Autumn

 The classes will run Friday to Tuesday and last approximately four hours per day-so you will have the afternoons and evenings free to explore the beautiful town of Nidri and laze on the beach.

WHO: no prior knowledge required, just an open mind.

The groups are kept deliberately small to allow for individual attention.

WHERE: Sessions are hosted in the secluded home of Joanna Watters in her beautiful, shady garden.

Besides the fantastic course content, Greek Island Summer School provides an ideal holiday for singles who want both independence and the option of group meals and socialising.

COST: Unlike other study holidays, Greek Island Summer School deliberately keeps the fees affordable. Your investment for the course is £345 (travel and accomodation extra). You can now pay by credit card here reduction if you book for both courses.

Otherwise email me for details on how to reserve your place or if you have queries about the course content.

Joanna Watters  who lives on the island will answer any of your travel and accomodation queries: 

Testimonials from 2019 course

Testimonials from 2019 course

Astrology, Herbs & Health. Astrology, Karma & Destiny


some of the comments from the 2019 course on Starcraft and the Moon



Powerful, motivational - this course was beyond my wildest dreams.  Elisabeth is an incredible teacher and ensures that each student is  heard and understood. These courses are simply a must for anyone wishing  to learn or hone their astrological or tarot  craftsMo 

The course was enlightening,  fascinating to see how magic and astrology can work in partnership.  Meeting others from all walks of life and Jo's hospitality was all part  of this wonderful experience. RecommendedNicola

A great setting, fantastic group and brilliant teaching. Lots of  practical useful tools to take home and start applying straight away.  Loved the relaxed teaching style of the wonderful Elisabeth Brooke,  sprinkled with wisdom and pragmatismHenrietta

Idyllic, lovely, quiet and serene place and a fascinating course.  Everything was well organized and ran smoothly, a truly magical  experience. Jill

Great energy and atmosphere, and the course was a real journey of  discovery. Now I understand so much more about affirmations in  connection to my natal chart, and how to use these throughout the year. Lynne

A totally enjoyable week. Elisabeth served up an interesting and fun  course, I've learned things I didn't even know about and have a lot to  take back with me to put into practice. Joanna's constant care for us  all also very lovingly appreciated! All pure  magic. Julie

This experience has been fantastic and really informative. The  setting and location is perfect and the week has been interesting,  relaxing and refreshing for the soul! It was wonderful having the  opportunity to work with a great group from all walks of  life, especially working with Full Moon magic, something that up till  now I had only ever done solo. Laura

Life changing. I've had a phenomenal  time. Not only has this course helped me grow spiritually and as a  witch, it has helped me grow as a person and opened my mind to parts of  myself I didn’t even know existedJoanna

and from 2018, Herbs and Astrology course:

'this week gave me the opportunity to explore health issues from my natal chart and to learn about the role of planets, signs and houses in health and relationships'

'lovely to meet you, Elisabeth and appreciated your gentle humour. I liked the group, the company, the herbs and doing the charts'  Moira, Inverness.

Booking and travel

Testimonials from 2019 course

Other courses in Lefkada


Flights are to Prevesa

Worried about your carbon footprint? You can offset the fight here

It costs @ £40 for a return flight from London.

Other courses in Lefkada

Testimonials from 2019 course

Other courses in Lefkada


Joanna, who has been running these courses for 18 years and lives in Nidri, where the course will be held, has an impressive line up of courses for the 2020 season..please email her directly for latest information and to book:





How much does the course cost? £345.00

What does this include? All tuition, handouts, taxis to and from the venues every teaching day.

How do I pay? email for details

What is your refund policy? we suggest you take out travel insurance in the case you cannot make the course for whatever reason, and this will cover your fee.

Can I bring a friend? You will make friends here, the groups are small and friendly! The group evening meal means you don't need to be alone, unless you wish to. We make a whattsapp group for students so you can keep in touch during your stay here.

What is the accomodation? Joanna has a certain number of rooms at Christiana hotel pre-booked, see picture above.

Where will the course be held? In Joanna's lovely house. (see above).