I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely Avril Price for Womens Radio Station in May. We had a blast! I love doing radio, and have done BBC Radio 4 Womens Hour a couple of times, BBC World Service, and many, many BBC local radio shows.

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I have written many articles for magazines and newsletters, and am happy to consider any journalism projects you might have in mind. contact me by email: or call to chat about your project: 07960529630.

Astrology Agony Aunt.

For .several years I did an Agony Aunt column for the mobile site Poke in Japan. It was popular and fun to do. People sent in their questions and I drew up their Natal Chart and then answered their question, which was usually a variation of 'does he love me'.

Mobile Site in Japan.

For followers of my work in Japan I have a mobile site with Akihiro. You can access it here