Magical Herbalism Workshops



Magical Herbalism Workshops

are based on my book: A Woman's Book of Herbs

Working intuitively with herbs allows us to connect  deeply with the character or virtue of the plant, which is often  overlooked in book-learning materia medica.

Herbs are more than the sum of their parts, they can  be our guides as well as our teachers, if we take the trouble to get to  know them as individuals.

Sitting silently and tuning into individual herbs we  discover their virtues and their actions on our physical, emotional and  mental bodies as well as their use in ritual and ceremony.

What that gives us is a profound knowledge of the  character of the herb, which we have experienced personally, so we can  choose the correct remedy for treatment or exploration.

Experiencing a herb in this way is a never to be forgotten experience, you will always remember how they made you feel.

As teachers, herbs can show us our path, help us with our shortcomings and guide us on our healing journey.

No experience needed, just an open mind and willing heart.


'thanks Elisabeth for a wonderful day with the plants' 

'I loved the guided meditation'.

'loved, loved, loved meeting the individual herbs!'

'I really enoyed getting to know the herbs in a meditative way. I was astonished how much I felt! A great way to learn' Sue, Edinburgh.

''Loved the meditation and learning to connect to the plants, amazing insight, felt safe and nurturing.'

A, Edinburgh

' loved experiencing a more intuitive way of working with plants' Fiona, Edinburgh

'it was a great day, thank you Elisabeth,'   Lynda Jones, Folkstone

I love to travel and teach

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Weekend workshops

The First day will be experiential:

We will  work intensively with several herbs which are in season, this is the  best way to tune into the deep knowledge  we all have within us. There  will be time for feedback and group sharing  as well as a deep guided  meditation to contact your own inner guide and the spirit of the plant.

The second day will be  more didactic:

 focusing on  the element of the season and ihumour and its plants and physical  indications in health and sickness.

We will be using material from my new book Traditional Western Herbal Medicine buy here

Day workshops 

In this workshop we look at herbs of the humour of the season, doing a pathworking/guided meditation on the element and picking up some practical tips to make the most of the season and its remedies.

Upcoming Workshops


Brighton-At the Coach House

April 18th, 11.30-5.30pm

Delighted to be invited back to the CoachHouse to run a Magical Herbalism day. We will be working deeply with several herbs of the season and looking at the Moon in Herbs and Healing.
No experience needed, just an open mind.
Details on Magical Herbalism here

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