Workshops 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020



 Goddess Astrology uses female archetypes to describe the planets and signs of the zodiac. 

We will be learning about how the Greek goddesses embody all aspects of our experience, and how to express the positive attributes they represent, while creatively dealing with challenges they can bring.

The focus will be on the Greek pantheon although some other traditions will be covered briefly.

The week will be a mixture of exercises, talking and learning with some guided imagery taking a deep look at the goddess symbolism of the Planets and Signs and Houses.

The focus will be on your own chart, although participants may bring one other horoscope to look at in the group. Example charts illustrating the material will be discussed.

Elisabeth Brooke is currently writing Goddess Astrology for Aeon Books, due to be published in 2021.

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Greek Island Summer School 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020


 ASTROLOGY, HERBS AND HEALTH provisional news dates:

Sept 30th-Oct 7th 

Your  birth chart shows how you can attain optimal health by working out   your innate constitution or temperament with reference to the four   elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water and the four Temperaments,   Choleric, Phlegmatic,  Sanguine and Melancholic. In Traditional  Herbalism healing herbs are  ruled by the seven planets, you will learn  which herbs best suit your  Temperament and their individual medicinal  virtues. A day trip to look  at some of the beautiful herbs growing  around  Nidri will be arranged as part of the course.  

see here for details of the course


Greek Island Summer School 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020

Greek Island Summer School 2020


 Astrology Karma and Destiny

provisional new dates Sept 23-30th

Your birthcart shows your Soul's journey,  how you chose to come in to  this life. The Sun, Moon and planets  illustrate how different aspects  of your destiny work out in your  everyday life. Working with your own   chart, and those of famous people, you can begin to understand how to   maximise the gifts of your horoscope and how to the issues and   challenges of your personal astrology appear both in your life and  those  of loved ones. This offers you the opportunity to  discover  creative ways to surmount challenges. Knowledge is power,  understanding  your deepest motivation allows us to live the best life  possible. 



Greek Island Summer School 2020



Goddess Astrology:


Goddess Astrology uses female archetypes to describe the zodiac,   

women centered,woman powered and woman orientated.   

The day will be a mixture of exercises, talking and guided imagery   

taking a deep look at the symbolism of the Sun and other planets our birthchart.

*when booking please give the time, place and date of birth so we can draw up your chart in advance*

March 28th 2020: Leominster- The Wellness centre: The Sun. book here

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Brighton-At the Coach House

April 18th, 11.30-5.30pm

Delighted to be invited back to the CoachHouse to run a Magical Herbalism day. We will be working deeply with several herbs of the season and looking at the Moon in Herbs and Healing.

No experience needed, just an open mind.

Details on Magical Herbalism here

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August 8th London Astrology Day 

Joanna Watters, The Ascendant-all you need to know about Rising Signs.


The Ascendant - Everything you Need to Know about the Rising Sign 

This is the starting point of every horoscope, the Angle that marks  the beginning to the First House. The degree and sign rising is  determined purely by the time of birth, which is why your birth time is  so important. Without a birth time you can still look  at all your planets but you won't know where they're all positioned, so  it's a bit like looking at a clock without hands. So the more precise  the time of birth, the more accurate the chart. 

The Ascendant sign symbolizes our appearance, how we approach the  world, how others first see us and experience us, and it's the lens  through which we filter all our thoughts and actions. Learn more about  all of the 12 signs as the Ascendant and how they  also lead us to the all important ruling planet of each horoscope.  We'll also look at the opposite point of the Descendant, the beginning  to the 7th House of relationships, the ruling planet of this Angle as  the significator for partners and how to interpret  it. 

August 9th: London Tarot Day- Joanna Watters, Questions, Questions. How to use the Tarot for Answers and Guidance


Questions, Questions - How to use the Tarot  for Answers and Guidance

The Tarot is an esoteric craft and an amazingly accurate divinatory  tool. This workshop will focus on how to consult the Tarot for  everything from your "card of the day" to the general picture for the  next 6 months to finding answers to specific questions.  You will learn a variety of spreads that can be used to cover a whole  range of subjects, from relationships to money, and you'll also learn  timing techniques. This means that you can address the what, why and  when of any question. 

In the morning session we'll brush up on cards meanings, spreads and  how to shuffle, deal and lay out your cards. The afternoon session will  be devoted to practicing readings, both giving and receiving, so that we  can all learn from each other's questions  and see how the cards reflect our stories and journeys. 

Both Workshops - 

· 20 places available on each day 

· Venue - The Philadelphia Association, Marty's Yard, Hampstead, London  

· Time - 11.30am to 5.30pm 

· Cost - £65.00 - or £55.00 early bird details:



Joanna Watters  is owner of Greek Island Summer School  and lives on Lefkas, see her website for other courses she is running this year or email her at: 

Joanna writes a weekly Astrology newsletter of current heavenly happenings follow her on facebook